Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Medicine Ball!


1.) What draws you to being playwright? 

I like what people don't say when they're saying a bunch of nothing. And I  love creating worlds where justice sometimes happens and weirdos win. It's a nice reprieve from reality.

2.) What attracts you to the Medicine Ball platform?

I enjoy trying to puzzle together plays quickly and how fun to compete against those pesky poets. 

3.) In your personal opinion, what is the most under-rated stage show?

Shucks. Aren't they all? 

4.) Define unity in your own words.

Getting together- often to fight the man. I approve.

5.) A glass of Two Buck Chuck - or a can of PABST Blue Ribbon?

Glass of chuck. I'm classy.

6.) If you could ask Shakespeare *one* question...what would it be?

I don't know. Meeting your heroes is never as good as just enjoying their art. 

7.) What is something we can all agree on?

A lot of people seem to like baby animals.

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