Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spin The Bottle Smut

This Friday night, March 5, at 11 pm, come check out STB

The a cappella delights of ELEGANT CATASTROPHE SINGERS!
Acrobatic turns of phrase from KAREN FINNEYFROCK!
The bluegrass harmonies of RICK MILLER and JOHN ACKERMANN!
The loopy stories of JENNIFER JASPER!
The astronautiness of KEIRA MCDONALD!
Silhouette puppetry from NICK HUBBARD, RYAN SCHMIDT, and SHANNON WAITS!
Something video-tastic from GUDE/LAURANCE!
The inimitably goth-trash smut of KELLEEN CONWAY BLANCHARD!

Spin the Bottle takes place at Annex Theatre, just off the corner of Pike & 11th on Capitol Hill. Only $10, and your ticket also functions as a free raffle ticket. Good stiff drinks can be had at the bar. Want to know more about Annex? Go to .