Monday, July 28, 2008

Edith's Head

Edith’s Head

One-Act ( 40 Minutes)
One- woman play

Character Breakdown
Edith. A young woman with a head in a jar.

Edith has important adventures and finds herself. All of herself.

Production History

Edith’s Head was produced by Annex Theatre in 2005. It was also seen, in part, at 12 Minutes Max, Room For Cream (With Baba Yaga Productions), and at Iron Composer.

Selected Excerpt

I was born with an extra head. It had a partial brain, an eye and hair. It was severed at birth and kept in a jar of formaldehyde for research at The Cranial Institute. It weighs two pounds. It has no mouth or ears. Now that I’m older I’ve reclaimed the head. It looks a little like me. On a whim, I named the head “Head”. I keep it in the guest room for kicks and to keep the guests from fucking for pleasure. It’s hard to fuck with head right there. Our family has a history of mutations. Some extra toes, some missing limbs and once a tail. My head beats them all. But, now I have a scar and if you push on it I’ll fall over.

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