Saturday, July 28, 2007

Under The Table

Under the Table

10 Minute play
Character Breakdown
2 Men
2 Women

Nance- Office worker
Barb- Office worker
Bob Meyers - The Boss of The Office
Theodore- Office worker with an eye patch

Office Politics get serious.

Production History
Under the Table was produced by Three Card Monty as part of 14/48 in 2005 and by Annex Theatre as part of Spin the Bottle in 2006.

Selected Excerpt
I think you should go back to your cubicle.
I have a switchblade in my underwear. Under the elastic .
Are you threatening me?
Takes out the switchblade. He just holds it.
It sure is a complicated world Mr. Meyer. There’s hardly anything to hang onto these days. War and famine and and plagues of locusts and no carbs and reality tv and Republican punk rock bands .The whole worlds gone inside out and all it’s guts are spilling. Everything is lies and secrets. All I ever wanted my whole life was to come to the big city and staple in a cubicle. But, somehow the more I see the more hollow it all seems. All those glittery dreams. How’s a boy like me supposed to untangle it all Mr. Meyer? I’m just a farm boy. I was brought up natural. Nursed until I was nine. Married my Aunt Boo. She’s dead now. Eaten by wild dogs.
copyright 2005

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