Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paper Flower

Paper Flower

Full length play

Character Breakdown

Palmo- A Tibetan Nun of about Twenty. She is a deeply, religious Buddhist
Drolma-Palmo’s younger sister of about eighteen. She is also a nun. She is a member of the prison underground
Tsering Gyalstsen-A Tibetan Prisoner of about Thirty
The Guard-A Chinese Guard at a Tibetan Prison
The waitress/Dream Woman-A Chinese waitress and later a dream woman


Paper Flower tells the stories of two Tibetan nuns and their struggle against The Chinese Occupation.

Production History

Paper Flower was part of FringeACT at A Contemporary Theatre.

Selected Excerpt


I don’t feel anything? I feel everything. You think I’m not angry enough? You think I don’t see the dead always staring at me? You think I don’t feel any pain when the back of my head is slammed into the floor? I don’t feel anything? Because I don’t hate like you? I choose not to hate. Because, I know that’s what this place is for. Hate. I have to work hard not to hate. Everyday not to hate. Hating is easy. We are capable of more than that. Otherwise, we are nothing, no different than the guards who hate us every day. Don’t you think, I think sometimes when I am praying that no one will hear me? And what does it matter? That I could give up. Stop belieiving. But I hear my words. It is enough that I hear the words.

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