Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spin The Bottle Smut

Come and see the talented Miss Betsy Morris read my smutty piece
"Tammy takes a Ride" at the upcoming Spin The Bottle this Friday night, January 8, at 11 pm.


The dizzy just-made-it-upness of IMPROSIA!
The raw belting-it-outness of LESLI WOOD!
The spectacular toe-tappingness of VAM GLAM!
The offbeat daffiness of VAL BRUNETTO & CO.
The spread-it-all-over condiment obsessiveness of MARCY RODENBORN!
The half-bemused, half-confused-ness of MICHELE COLYN!
The sweet tenderness of a ballad from GUDE/LAURANCE!
The all-new dazzling trashiness of smut from KELLEEN CONWAY BLANCHARD!
With the ever laconic off-the-cuffness of our host BRUCE HALL!
Curated by Bret Fetzer

Spin the Bottle takes place at Annex Theatre, just off the corner of Pike & 11th on Capitol Hill. Only $10, and your ticket also functions as a free raffle ticket. Good stiff drinks can be had at the bar. Want to know more about Annex? Go to .