Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stab.BackStab. In the Back. Stab.

Stab.BackStab. In the Back. Stab.

10 Minute play
Character Breakdown
1 man 4 Women

The Characters
Heather- Drummer
Curtis -Front man, lead singer
Lisa- Manager
Gina- Bass player
Mom- Curtis’ mom
Setting-Death Metal Band Rehearsal. Curtis’s Mom’s basement.
Bad Band. Bad Rehearsal.
Selected Excerpt

He tied me to the door knob with a tube sock, if you wanna know and said for me to me say some dirty things about myself like; about myself getting naked and washing a car, and getting naked and doing his laundry, and getting naked and mopping his floor. He wanted real detailed stories, like he was asking me questions like, “What kinda cleaner are you using on the floor? And “Are you mopping real hard and fast or kinda slow and soft?” And the whole time he was just drinking wine right out of the box and then he fell asleep on his bean bag chair. So no. I guess it wasn’t the best first date and I put on pantyhose and everything. I was sure he wasn’t like Don you know, Don Curtis’ father, with all the moles and how he’d pick his nose all the time but, pretend he was just scratching it. But, you could see he was picking it even though he said it was just that the itch was real deep. And Don- sorry Curtis- smelled like a hamster cage and you know he stabbed me right in the back. Left me for my sister on account of she can do that thing with her throat I should’ve just married that boy with the extra ear i went to the prom with he’s dead now
copyright 2006

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