Thursday, July 10, 2008

Self Obsession In Blue

Self Obsession in Blue

Full Length

Character Breakdown
ZOE- Dissatisfied, disgruntled, disaffected, disenchanted, disoriented, disappointed. World weary and wondering

WANDA- Gentle candy-coated Magic girl and bona fide mystic.

LULU- Superficial, hateful, decaying, unnatural beauty queen. Poor Lulu. Her ego’s so-oo big she is her own small glittery galaxy.

THE BOX- God’s answering machine.

Two chicks stuck in the desert search for the meaning of life- find somewhat less.

Production History
Self Obsession in Blue was first produced as a ten- minute play as part of Perishable Theater’s Women’s Playwriting Festival in 1997. The full-length version was produced at Freehold Theater by Live Girls! and as a an actor’s showcase in L.A.

Selected Excerpt

WANDA- This is an embarrassing thing to admit and I think a lot of people lie about this but I don’t really like sex. I wasn’t you know molested or anything. I wasn’t. I just feel I’m not very good at it and you should do what you excel at as opposed to what you… well I’m just not really into it. I’ve done it plenty. I’ve given it a fair chance. And I don’t like it. I like parts of it. I like the kissing part if it’s not too spitty. Because, I really don’t like spitty. That’s gross. And I don’t like other people’s tongues in my mouth generally. Tongues are wet and sometimes they have that white stuff on them, and really how can you be sure about anyone’s else’s mouth? What if a piece of leftover food swam into your mouth from their mouth while you were kissing? That would be gross. And it could happen. And I think about that also. I like the touching part in general, as long it isn’t in the wrong spot, and then you have to try to wiggle it around into the right spot without being rude and that’s difficult. And I like the talking and cuddling afterward part but, generally they are asleep and I’m not. Sometimes I like sex just to know someone is into seeing me naked. Because, it’s nice to think someone is interested. But, I don’t like how messy it is and how you’re not supposed to think about other stuff or do anything else while it’s going on. I think there are a lot of rules and that can be hard to take.pause You know, Mormon’s make their own underwear?

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