Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Small Town at Annex Theatre

Small Town
by Kelleen Conway Blanchard
- Opens Tuesday, January 23rd

America. Somewhere in the middle. The Ledbetters are a typical family – if “typical” includes a mother with a beehive hairdo taller than a grain silo, who chain-smokes through her tracheotomy-hole; a one-eyed sister, former “pork queen of two counties”, who wrestles alligators for fun: and a son who – well, let’s just say he’s super nice, if a bit slow. But, when 17 mailmen go missing, and the Sheriff comes a-courting, anything is bound to happen. Love can be kind of funny that way. “Small Town ” will be presented at the Gail Stellner Studio at the Capitol Hill Arts Center (1621 12th Ave, Capitol Hill, Seattle)

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