Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kittens in a Cage Web Series!

The original web series Kittens In A Cage flips the 1950's "Women in Prison" film genre on its hysterical, homicidal, hot ass!
  • Launched: Nov 19, 2012
  • Funding ends: Dec 19, 2012
Jillian Armenante, award winning actress, playwright and director and Jim Anzide, award winning artistic director and producer have teamed up once again to dream up the perfect idea... this time, for a web series. Already in a love affair with the genre of 1950's women in prison flicks, Jillian wrote the script based on the play Kittens In A Cage by Kelleen Conway Blanchard.
We felt it was time for a web series to capture the tone of archetypical women’s prison movies with a twisted, wicked and hilarious sense of humor. We assembled an incredible cast for the first read through and knew in an instant that we chose the perfect piece.  The reading was so well executed by our actors, and so well received...we could barely be contained from fits of uncontrollable laughter. Twenty plus years in the business, this doesn't happen very often, trust me.
Our cast and cameos are from some of your favorite television shows, movies, popular webisodes and bands.  Some of our celebrity guest cameos that we can tell you about at this moment are Joel McHale, Amy Brenneman, Constantine Maroulis and Michaela Watkins.  And we've only just begun the process!
We know that you'll be coming back every week to see this very funny and talented cast of incredible characters and be surprised by who might be showing up in one of the supporting roles.  We've called in a lot of favors but there is still so much we have to pay for, rent, buy, lease... steal?
The biggest challenge facing us is that we are filming it as if it is a feature. We want to guarantee that we will have our actors, crew and locations for an extended period of time. We will be shooting over 90 pages in just 21 days. It's a HUGE undertaking, but it will guarantee that we will have the first two seasons in the can. Jillian has spent 25 years in front of and behind the camera. Jim and Jillian are multi-award winning producers who are used to rivaling the odds and meeting with great success. They are also doppelgangers.
We need your help!  And we will reward you in many different ways for doing so, including your favorite new web series - Kittens In A Cage!
We are so thrilled to announce the amazing cast and crew that you just witnessed in the video clip.  Just click on their name below to see their IMDB page.
▪    Jillian Armenante as Barbara Winchester - Cannibal
▪    Kathryne Dora Brown as Peggy Djokovic - Thief and Murderer
▪    Rebecca Field as Jeanine Sucklow - Axe Murderer
▪    Laura Heisler  as Lois Milkwood - Murderer
▪    Rebecca Mozo as Junie Butler - Ukulele Player
▪    Lauren Weedman as Victoria Woodburn – Pyromaniac
▪    Gigi Bermingham as The Matron
▪    La Toya London as Nancy
Production Team
▪    Jillian Armenante - Executive Producer/Director/Writer/Composer
▪    Peter Alton - Cinematographer
▪    Jim Anzide - Producer
▪    Alice Dodd - Associate Producer
▪    Michele Dunn - Costume Designer
▪    Kathleen Pardo - Hair/Make Up
▪    Mark Nichols - Composer
▪    Dan Gellert - Music Mixer
▪    Gary Smoot - Logo Design
▪    Kelleen Conway Blanchard - Based on the play by

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